Trouble with the Cook Islands, losing to France. The Czechs have the hope of progress

At the beginning, there was an exotic ocean from Oceania in Guangzhou. Papers belonged to the Cook Islands players to the outsiders, but in a duel with the Czech team they proved to be a very tough rival.

Right at the start of the game, they took the lead thanks to strict two-point missiles and the Czechs had to catch up to five-point manko from the first seconds. Also, the Michaela Uhro team kept two of them over the water, thanks to which the Czechs got back into contact.

But then they seemed to be exaggerating with the two-shot. Success fell, and the Cook Islands were still a few bodysuits in the front. The opponents played hard and long seemed to be able to manage the fouls.When they were already fouling, it was such a style that the Czechs did not have the chance to continue or even to score a foul in action.

Finally, the tactics changed. The Czechs the best sports betting online dropped the bullfighting and chose the raids. That was the right solution. It was a crush against the fouls, so the Czech basketball players got the lead for the first time in terms of four penalties. But the opponents could still cope and the winner had to decide to extend.

After a series of unsuccessful actions on both sides, Kateřina Novotná finished the game and the Czechs celebrate after the win of 15:13.

It was not even an hour and a half, and the Czechs were back on the court again to your second match.Their opponent was a strong France, who confirmed the good shape even during the match. The Czechs once again collected from the first attack, but unfortunately this time was not the last one. The opponents 1xbet bonus fired from a long distance with great success and turned the bullets from the heavy positions.

The highlight was the two with a foul. The French have gained high leadership. Anything can happen in basketball 3×3, but this time the Czech forces have only a short duration. The French once again crushed him in the ground. Despite all the efforts of Czech basketball players, the game ended before the end of the ten-minute game time when they reached 21 points. The Czechs had a total of 13 at that time.

On Thursday, Czech basketball players are off and a day later they end up working in the base group.First, they hit home China and they have to defeat it unconditionally, ideally the biggest difference. The Chinese played Romania 20:17 and Cook Islands (11: 9).

At the end of the group, the Czechs will meet with Romania, which has two defeats after two matches – 10:21 with France and already mentioned with China.