Betting bonuses and promotions

There are several types of bonuses: registration; “No deposit”; charged to the amount of the contribution; competitive; in the form of a loyalty program; “Frees”; preferential express trains; refund of a bet or a part thereof, etc. It is important to carefully study the conditions of its provision and wagering before realizing the desire to receive a bonus from the bookmaker.

Bookmakers in the conditions of tough competition in the market for sports betting are ready to come up with promotions and bonus offers, which make it possible to stand out among themselves. The bonus is an opportunity to let the young bookmaker know about yourself, attract and retain clients to an authoritative brand in conditions when the key parameters (odds, list, input / output of funds) from reliable bookmakers are on the same level.
Bonus strategy is built in such a way as to attract attention and arouse the interest of the user from the very moment of registration and further at each stage of communication with the site.
Bookmaker offices enter into partnerships with other sites related to gaming, and visitors to these projects receive additional encouragement when registering with a link from an inviting resource.

The money will have to be paid back – the player is set up a “wager”. In this case, you need to put real money in a multiple of the amount. After that, the won money will be transferred to the player’s account.

Cash-Bonus. This is a charge for the first deposit after registration in the BC. For example, after replenishment of the deposit, the gamer receives 200% of the replenishment amount. After wagering according to the specified rules, the user will receive live money for the deposit.

Unibet Free-Bet Bonus. This encouragement allows you to bet on the amount of the bonus, and if you are lucky, the winnings are transferred to the player’s account. These prizes are “promotional” in nature, and are given to new and existing customers.

Free-Play-Bonus. Bonus money for making bets within the specified amount. Subject to the conditions of the “wager”, the winnings are paid to the player.

Money-Back-Bonus – “Mani-Back”. Consolation prize, or simply the return of lost money. Please note – in order for you to have the right to return the loss, you must notify the support of the desire to participate in the promotion before the start of the betting and observe the terms of the program.

Bonuses are issued, both at registration and already registered players. Bookmakers constantly hold various promotions to attract new customers. You can get a bonus for the deposit or for the first deposit to the account. You can accumulate bonus points and exchange them for money, or for gifts in 2016.

In the form of free bets and promotional codes. Do you collect large odds, or bet every day? For this, too, bonuses are provided. It would be more reasonable to go through all the bookmakers, not losing your chance and collect all the bonuses of bookmakers for Russia and other CIS countries, while they are still relevant and effective.

Bookmaker events allow you to participate in them without refilling the account. This can be a free tote, where guessing the outcome of matches, you will be credited with prize money to the account. Promotions with friends, for which you will also be entitled to a bonus. If the bookmaker has a forum or a page in social networks, there such actions will be held constantly.

Mobile bets from the phone with or without bonus. Mobile applications now have almost all bookmakers. When you make the first bet from your phone or tablet, you can get a free bet or an additional bonus on the deposit.

Return of the bet on the express for one lost match. The bookmaker can return, as part of the bet, and the entire amount of the whole bet, if one event in the express is lost.